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December 17, 2013
Please welcome our new research associates

November 13, 2013
BP Magazine's "Ask the Doctor" column by Melvin McInnis, the Prechter Fund's principal investigator

November 12, 2013
November 2013 Update on the Longitudinal Study of Bipolar Disorder

November 7, 2013
7th Annual Prechter Lecture – Presentations and Photos are up!

October 31, 2013
Prechter Fund Founder Honored with Mike Wallace Award

October 10, 2013
2013 Prechter Newsletter Now Available

October 7, 2013
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September 19, 2013
New Clinical Research Coordinator

July 25, 2013
July 2013 Update on the Longitudinal Study of Bipolar Disorder

June 11, 2013
"Gene Research on Bipolar Disorder Raises New Areas for Study" -
a Psychiatric News interview with Melvin McInnis, M.D., the Principal Investigator of the Prechter Fund

May 22, 2013
Prechter Bipolar Research Programs Announce New Project

May 7, 2013
May 2013 Update on the Longitudinal Study of Bipolar Disorder

May 1, 2013
Bipolar Disorder Drugs May 'Tweak' Genes Affecting Brain

April 30, 2013
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April 24, 2013
Patrick Kennedy advocates for a "moon-shot" for the brain

April 11, 2013
Do drugs for bipolar disorder "normalize" brain gene function?

February 20, 2013
New Personal Account - "Why I Participate in Research"

February 14, 2013
Big Boy International partners with Prechter Bipolar Research Fund to promote bipolar disorder research efforts

February 7, 2013
Cookbook Sale to Benefit the Prechter Fund

January 23, 2013
New Personal Account - "I Am What I Am" by Maddie S.

January 9, 2013
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January 3, 2013
Two New Studies Added - Circadian Rhythms in Bipolar Disorder (CRBP) and Longitudinal Voice Patterns in Bipolar Disorder (VOICES)

December 13, 2012
Bright Nights Community Forum on "Understanding Bipolar Disorder" at Ypsilanti Library - Presentation and Videos are up!

December 13, 2012
Bipolar disorder stem cell research featured in Free Press

December 11, 2012
Article from “Medicine at Michigan:” Stem Cell Science – The State of the Art

December 5, 2012
6th Annual Prechter Lecture – Presentations and Photos are up!

November 2, 2012
2012 Prechter Newsletter Now Available

September 17, 2012
Please welcome our new team members

August 23, 2012
Please welcome 3 new Neuropsychology Research Associates

July 27, 2012
Please Welcome

April 23, 2012
BP Magazine's latest e-newsletter features the U-M Depression Center/Prechter Fund

April 16, 2012
NAMI Washtenaw County Special Event on May 20, 2012

April 9, 2012
$1-million gift will advance U-M Depression Center's stem cell research into bipolar disorder

April 4, 2012
Short film offers an inside view of the University of Michigan Depression Center

March 22, 2012
"Boy Interrupted" – Educational Event & Fundraiser – Synopsis

February 29, 2012
Press Release: Documentary screening to benefit bipolar research at the University of Michigan

January 30, 2012
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January 19, 2012
Saks Fifth Avenue to Partner with the Prechter Research Fund

January 18, 2012
Please Welcome New Clinical Interviewer

January 4, 2012
Please Welcome