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July 27, 2012

Please Welcome

Ka (Anthony) Ip joined the Prechter research team as a research associate in June, 2012. He received his B.A. from the University of Michigan with a concentration in psychology with the highest honors. Before joining the team, he has worked on several projects including a fMRI study of bilingualism, a neuropsychology study of aging and TBI population, and a longitudinal study of children of alcoholics. He is excited to expand his interest in bipolar disorder, especially looking at the neurophysiological responses in bipolar research participants. In the future, he would like to pursue a degree in clinical psychology.

Philip Cheng is a 5th year doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology. His research interests lie in the intersection between sleep/chronobiology and affective disorders, and his dissertation will include an investigation into the homeostatic mechanisms in both the sleep and wake systems in Major Depression Disorder and how that influences affect and mood regulation. He is excited to be joining the Prechter research team for a practicum.