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July 13, 2010

Welcome new team members

The Prechter team has three new neuropsychology research associates who are
responsible for administering the neuropsych tasks for our research studies.

Brennan Haase joined the team as a research assistant for Dr. Scott Langenecker and Dr. Sara Wright in the neuropsychology department winter of 2008. He has been responsible for administering cognitive testing on multiple projects, including the Prechter Bipolar Research Project. He received a bachelor of science in psychology from the University of Michigan May 2010, completing an honors thesis with Dr. Langenecker that focused on facial emotion processing error biases in individuals with major depression. He looks forward to working with the U of M neuropsych department for the next 2 years before heading of to grad school to further his education in the field.

Kortni Meyers began collaborating with the Prechter Bipolar Research team in May of 2010 as a Research Assistant to Dr. Scott Langenecker. Currently, she assists the study by administering neuropsychological assessments to study participants. In May of 2010 she received a BA with Honors in Brain, Behavior & Cognitive Science from the University of Michigan. She has previous experience in the UM Psychiatry Department, having completed her Senior Honors Thesis with the Neuropsychology Section and worked as a Research Assistant in the Addiction Research Center. She has a great passion for research and practice in the mental health fields and hopes to pursue a doctorate degree in clinical psychology in the future.

Annie Weldon joined the Prechter Bipolar Research Project team as a Research Assistant in May 2010. During the past two years, she worked with Kelly Ryan, Ph.D., at the Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Research Center investigating the outcomes of cognitive decline and caregiver burden. Additionally, she collaborated with Zora Djuric, Ph.D., in the UMHS Comprehensive Cancer Center for the past three years. A recent graduate, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience and French from the University of Michigan. She hopes that involvement with the Prechter Bipolar Research Projects will be integral in guiding her research interests in post-graduate education.