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September 1, 2009

Meet our team: Gloria Harrington, Project Manager

Surprisingly, it was through a love of art that led Gloria Harrington to her current Project Management role with the Prechter Bipolar Research Group. As a fine arts major in college, she volunteered in the community with “at risk” adolescents using art as an outlet and coping mechanism. In 2007, Gloria completed a Master in Social Work at Wayne State University with a concentration in community practice and social action. During that same year, she joined the staff at the University of Michigan Depression Center.

Gloria then accepted the role of Project Manager of the Heinz C. Prechter Research Projects. She feels that since each person is unique, individualized treatments need to be developed. “We are not just biologically unique, but how we cope with life events, including illnesses, depend on many environmental and sociological factors,” she noted. The longitudinal study of bipolar disorder, which the Prechter Fund supports, is examining the biological and genetic underpinnings of the illness, as well as looking at personality, risk factors, and neuropsychological functioning. “It is this multi-faceted approach that is so intriguing to me,” she stated.

“Our team envisions helping those who live with bipolar disorder to have a better understanding of this complex illness, while at the same time, building global research collaborations to find more effective personalized treatments,” said Harrington.