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Bipolar Awareness Wristband Order Form

The black and white wristband contains the words “Prechter Bipolar Research Fund.” The wristbands are intended to raise both awareness and needed funding.  All proceeds from the sale of the wristbands benefit the Prechter Fund at the University of Michigan Depression Center and support breakthrough research aimed at conquering bipolar disorder.

Wristbands may be purchased in quantities of 10 for $50.00 per bag, plus a $5.00 shipping and handling fee.

To order by check, please send this form and payment (payable to “Prechter Bipolar Research Fund at U-M” ) to:

Kat Bergman
Communications Manager

Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Fund
Rachel Upjohn Building
4250 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2700
(734) 232-0456

Quantity of wristbands (# bags of 10/bag): __


Mailing address:________________________________





If you wish to pay by credit card, please contact:
Gloria Harrington at (734) 936-4833 or

Thank you for your help in raising awareness about bipolar disorder and for your support for bipolar research.