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Voices of Support

Each person who is affected by bipolar disorder, either through their own illness or that of someone they love, has the ability to make a difference in combating this complicated disease. Bipolar disorder does not discriminate—it affects individuals and families of varying gender, race, nationality, socio-economic status and level of education. There is something each of us can do to strengthen the fight against bipolar disorder, including lending our voices to the ever-increasing chorus of those who are working on behalf of a cure, sharing information to eradicate stigma and seeking help for themselves and others who are affected. 

There are many ways to support the bipolar disorder cause, both in your own community and with the Prechter Fund. By making a donation, volunteering your time or sharing your story with others, you are personally helping to ease the suffering caused by bipolar disorder. In this section, we share a sampling of the passionate individuals who have used their voice to support the Prechter Fund and its vision.

Elisa Aronica: Stella & Dot

Elisa lost her mom to bipolar disorder. She hosted an online trunk show and donated her commission to support our research programs.

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Pat Wagner

"I am very excited about the stem cell work that's being done – this is cutting-edge science that will have a huge impact for generations to come."

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Elizabeth Guz

"The fund is doing amazing things and more groundbreaking research to make treatment more tailored for the individual by testing stem cells and finding what medications will work best. Eventually, I think it will save lives."

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Notecards for bipolar research

Kelly Elizabeth Beld’s family supports our research activities via the sale of beautiful greeting cards.

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