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Nutritional Components of Psychiatric Disease and Treatment Response

Purpose: To understand the dietary and genetic interactions that control serum fatty acids, and how this might contribute to the development of bipolar disorder and the response of bipolar patients to mood stabilizer medications.

Study Description: This study is being done in order to determine whether a high omega-6:omega-3 tissue ratio contributes to mood stabilizer treatment resistance and if there will be a significantly evident association between the omega-6:omega-3 tissue profiles in bipolar subjects and their graded response to mood stabilizer therapy. There may be a diet and gene interaction controlling omega-6 levels that may be different in bipolar patients relative to healthy controls. This study will involve a combination of a seven-day diet history, analysis of blood lipid profiles, and also gene analysis.

This study is no longer actively recruiting. To learn more about participating in other research, please contact us at: 877-UM-Genes (877-864-3637) or

For more information, contact us at: 877-UM-Genes (877-864-3637) or

This study has received approval from IRBMED: HUM00045652